>Let’s Get Started

>I believe I have reached a pinnacle, of sorts, in my life. Let me just first say, thank goodness! I’m not sure what took so long but nonetheless I have reached a point in my life I have some serious and important decisions to make for not only myself but my family, and all those around me who love and care about me the most. 

I am 33 and every since giving birth to my son 9.5 years ago I have been obese. I gained 80 lbs with my first, I was however able to lose half the weight after giving birth and was stuck around 220 right up until I got pregnant with my twin girls (7.5 yrs ago). With my girls I didn’t gain too much, especially considering I was carrying twins. I gained total around 30 lbs during the whole pregnancy. After giving birth I was able to get back down to 226 lbs. 
But life changed so quickly for me and my family. I had to leave my job because, and my husband had to get a new job as a youth pastor and we had to sell our house, move in my in-laws. Life just was not what I had in mind for my family and I quickly went downhill mentally and managed to go from 226 to 290 lbs in a matter of a year. I honestly just did not care. I was eating to fufill a void and that I just became self destructive. Mostly because I just didn’t care for anything. I was so depressed I could just barely get through each day, being alive and caring for my children was the ONLY thing I cared about at the time. 
In Nov. 2006 I had the lap-band put on.  I was able to drop over 60 lbs but at which point I stopped, I learned how to overcome the lab-band and still eat pretty much any and everything. The good news is the band certainly kept me from being able to gorge myself with food. It limited how much, but not as much as I hoped it would. In the nearly 5 years since having the band put on I have gained back 30 of the 60 lbs I originally lost. And for the past year of so I have managed to stay around 255-265 lbs.
Though the band did not do as I had hoped it would it has certainly helped me from gaining all the weight back and limited the amount of food I can eat at once. I eat much slower and take time to eat, I don’t get ravishing hungry as I did prior to the band. 
In the past week I have taken on a new outlook on my life. Well, probably longer than that.  This year I have been diagnosed with a type of auto-immune disease. Though I have no official diagnosis I do have some sort of issues that have been hindering my health for nearly 2 years. 
Between being overweight and now having an auto-immune disease I know it is time to make a drastic change. I may not be able to change that I have these health issues but I can make my fight against this disease much easier, because I can change my weight. I may not wake up thin and in great shape tomorrow morning but if I can make a change in my lifestyle and begin working out on a daily basis and I will and what I put in my mouth every day then I know that I will be in better health in the long run. 
This blog has been created for me to keep track of this new journey in my life. The ups and downs as I take on a new lifestyle, and how I will ultimately succeed. 

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