>My New Eating Habits

>I am mostly relying on Weight Watchers PointPlus system to change my eating habits. But I have also incorporated the Dash Diet principals, to ensure a high success rate of taking on this lifestyle change.

I am now eating lots of veggies and fruits in my diet. I have to admit that I am not a veggie lover, especially raw veggies. I can eat cooked veggies, I just cannot eat most veggies raw. I just can’t. I wish I could, so I have had to find other ways to make sure I get all my veggies in during the day.  I do this by adding additional veggies to the meals I make. For instance I made a turkey meatloaf and put onions, tomatoes, and spinach into the meatloaf, and it was delicious. My kids still loved it and ate it all up! Plus I then served it with cooked broccoli and some corn on the cob.

I do enjoy spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes on sandwiches. Therefore most of my lunches are sandwiches with low fat meats, lots of the veggies I just mentioned, mustard, and on whole wheat bread.

My kids have been a little resistant to this new change in our diets but for the most part I still make everything we have always enjoyed but have discovered ways to make the meals healthier. I know that this lifestyle change is not just for me but for my whole family. I don’t want my children to fall prey to the same issues I have had with my health and weight, but in order for that not to happen I need to be willing to make the same changes and better choices I want my kids to make.

Today I am feeling empowered and in control. I still have my ice cream every once in awhile but it is a treat and not a daily part of my “nutrition”.


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