>Weighing In and Activity

>I finally bought a scale, a Taylor Electronic Scale with Handles from Target for about $30.00, and I really like it a lot! It is very accurate, and has not been all over the map in terms of numbers/weights. I weighed myself and am down to 259.6 (the last time I weighed myself was at my doctor’s office and I was around 266), so I am down around 7 lbs! I am happy with that number.

I just got back from a very successful 2 hour workout. I started out on the elliptical for 11 minutes, I know that doesn’t not sound like much but considering that thing kicks my butt anyways, I am happy with that number. Plus I wanted to get warmed up so I could do some weights and work my muscles today.

I worked all my leg muscles today, I did three reps of 13 on all the different leg machines. I then did my thighs and abdominal muscles. After finishing up my muscle groups I walked on the treadmill at 4 % incline at 3.2 mph for 30 mins. All in all a very good workout and I am feeling very good! 🙂


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