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Weight Watchers - Strawberry Smoothie Bar

I went to the store today and loaded up on healthy foods, quick meals, and WW friendly desserts. I am a dessert girl. And I have to admit that prior to starting this lifestyle change, I could live on sugar foods. I am a sugar addicted. Not so much a food addicted. I enjoy food, but that is not my issue, my issue is desserts and sugary foods. And I know this. And I am sure most experts in the nutrition field would tell me I need to quit cold turkey and not have any more, and perhaps they have a great point, but I just can’t bring myself to do this. So, instead I have limited to myself to once a day a dessert item, and I have been sticking with that 99% of the time. Though every once in awhile I might have an extra dessert. But now I have items in my freezer that will satisfy my sweet tooth but not throw me off track completely. 

I am staying the course, I am convinced to stay on this new lifestyle, and for this to become an everyday lifestyle for me.  

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