I did not get to the gym Monday or Tuesday (due to other obligations). However, I went last night and will go back tonight and tomorrow. 

I have to say I am seeing a lot of improvement in my abilities. I smile because when I first started using the elliptical, I hated that machine. I started out for 5 mins at around 2.5 mph. Which about put me into the ground. Seriously I was so out of breath and hurt big time. Last night I worked out on it for 20 mins at 4.0-4.1 mph!!! Whoo-hoo! And I felt really good. I was sweating quite a bit and nearly at a run, my heart rate was around 155, so it was a good workout. But I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out. I am very excited, and now I can say that is my favorite machine to workout on, I never thought I would say that.

Now that I look back I realize it was just adjusting to this new machine. New muscles were being used and I had to get use to it. Now, I have also started on another new machine, and I can say right now that I hate this machine. Hate it! It is kicking my butt! The Arc, ugh!

My thought is that this was similar to how I felt on the elliptical at first. Right now I am working at a very slow pace for 5 mins, and I want to die on this beast. But I have a feeling over the next month if I keep at it, I may come to enjoy it as much (maybe) as I now do the elliptical.


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