Mind Over Matter

Losing weight is most certainly a mind game. If you don’t have it set in your mind that you are ready to lose weight then you won’t. I say this from years of experience. There are many mental hurdles you really need to have gotten over before you can really begin to succeed at losing weight.

  1. Hurdle One: Do you believe you are worth it?
  2. Hurdle Two: Do you believe you can do this?
  3. Hurdle Three: Are you truly prepared to be an overcomer?
  4. Hurdle Four: Is there anything standing in your way?
  5. Hurdle Five: Are you overwhelmed by how much you need to lose?

If you cannot answer yes, than you probably aren’t ready to start this journey.

You need to be mentally ready, something in your mind needs to click and you need to be prepared to take on this new lifestyle change.  You need to know you are worth this change. You need believe in yourself and who you are. It does not matter what you have done or what has been done to you. God loves you and that makes you worth it!


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