A Day In The Life of Holly: Fast Food Kind of Day

Today was a good and busy, busy day. And actually the day is not over. We spent the day with a friend of mine and her four kids at the pool, and the kids played all day, and then we stopped at Micky D’s on the way back. PLUS – on our way to her place I was starving and the kids were too and we stopped and had lunch at Burger King. I wish I could say that we could just avoid places like that, and I’m sure we could if I put more of an effort, but life happens.

BUT I am happy to say that I stayed well within my points range day and actually still have one point left over for the day. This is why I really love WW, because you don’t have be limited to certain kinds of foods. Sometimes fast food can’t be completely avoided, but it’s about making the right choices, healthier choices.

My kids have another set of friends’ coming over tonight for the night and all day tomorrow as my friend has jury duty tomorrow. I am going to still go and workout tonight (even if my husband won’t be overly appreciative of me leaving him with 5 kids by himself 😉 ).  Oh well, such if life.  That just shows you how supportive of me he is being with my lifestyle change, which has a positive effect on all of us.



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