Last evening I didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym. It was a busy day and kids had friends over and I didn’t want to abandon my hubby with five kids. But I did get 30 mins of intense cardio in.

I was reading a past post on how I was finally able to do at least 3.1 mph for 15 mins on the elliptical….WELL….yesterday I did 4.3-4.5 mph on the elliptical for 25 mins! And it felt really good, great actually!

Plus I was able to do over 100 strides per hr on The Arc (my current nemesis) for 6 mins! That is a vast improvement of barely being able to do 65 strides per hour for 5 mins! At 65 strides I had to beyond push myself to finish the 5 mins. Today I had to push but I did not feel as though I would necessarily die. So, I am super proud of that accomplishment. As I have said previously it is about adjusting and getting use to new machines. You are working new muscles, and your body is not use to it. I have a feeling I *might* really come to eventually enjoy working out on The Arc (we shall see).


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