Exercise & Personal Update

Yesterday evening I went and worked out and did well.  I spent 6 mins on the Arc around 100 strides per hour;  9 mins on the treadmill at 3.4 @ 4.5% incline;  and 15 mins on the elliptical at 4.0 mph. Then I did strength training for 45 mins.  So, I was happy overall with my workout last evening.

However, this morning I was rudely awakened by a high fever and pain all over – it was a flare up from my auto-immune disease.  The good news is that the worst of the flare up only last an hour and half, PLUS I have not had one in over two months! Which is amazing considering I use to have anywhere from 1-3 flare ups in a week. I am still tired from the episode, plus my vision is always blurry the rest of the day after the flare. So, as I type this the screen is a bit blurry for me, but I can see enough to put words together (well, I think I am 😉 ).

I hate when this happens mostly because I know that is hard on my kids. They have had to be stuck in the house all day, with nothing to do other than play with each other and watch TV. I’m just happy they had three full days of friends and good times. Fortunately (or unfortunately) they have had to deal with this for the past two years of mom not feeling well, so they know the drill. It kills me when I am like this because there is just not much I can do, and they are stuck having to help me out. I have to say they are the most amazing kids and I am so super blessed to be their mom. Now that I am sitting here at the computer, calculating my points for the day and blogging. I can sit and watch them play outside for a bit.


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