From The Heart: Going Through The Trenches

From The Heart

Apparently, nothing is going to stop me from sticking with this lifestyle change or from losing weight. Because the past two weeks have been INSANE! And that is putting it mildly. Everyday something new and bad was thrown in our face. First my husband with his heart attack, then the day he came home from the hospital, I started with severe, nauseating, pain in my right pelvic area that went down into my thigh. It was some of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life, including child birth.

It would come and go and nothing seemed to really help. Friday, it was so intense I tried to go to an Urgent Care but they told me I would have to go the hospital. And I just didn’t want to go to the ER, again. Went home and eventually the pain was controlled.

Then Tuesday, I woke up with no pain and was thinking that I must have gotten through whatever was ailing me. By Sunday evening it started again, and was 10 times worst. After 4 hours of intense pain, I started to bleed. That was it, I had to go the ER.

I was in the ER from10:30pm – 5:30am. They ran blood work, urinalysis, cat scan, and did a pelvic exam. Found out a few things were going on. First I have a UTI, which they (and I) don’t believe that was what was causing the pain. They also found a fibroid in my uterus area, which we believe may have been the source of the pain. The gave me some more pain killers and anti-biotics. Sent me home and told me to set up an appt with a GYN.

I got home just before 6:00am, went to sleep for about 1.5hrs, and was woken up to a flare up from my vasculitis. And a bad flare up. I was running a fever, in pain all over, and thank the Lord had an appt already scheduled with my GP. Went in and was just not doing well. She gave me a shot of steriods to help bring the inflammation down, it took a couple of hours, but it REALLY helped. Although steroids make me sweat, the down side. But I would rather sweat then be in pain, and wanting to die.

Right now I am on 7 medications (4 of which are temporary). I feel like a pharmacy. But instead of this getting in my way and derailing my lifestyle change and my goal of getting to my ideal weight, it actually continues to motivate me. I need to get healthy, weight wise, to fight any other issues. This morning I weighed myself, just to see how I am doing. Especially since it’s been hard to journal my food intake. According to the scale I lost another pound. Again I have only worked out once this week. And hope to go tongith.

You can’t just give up, even when going through the trenches. Life is always going to have it’s valleys and mountains, and you can’t let the valleys stop you from living the life you desire. You just push through, and it will make that climb to the top of the mountain that much more beautiful and amazing. You have to believe you are worth it, even if life might be trying to tell you differently. Things will always get better, and especially if you don’t lose faith in God and your self. You’ll just be a stronger you in the end.


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