From The Heart: Back on the Ole’ Horse

From The Heart

Yep – I had been off with my weight goals the past few weeks. But today I am back on the ole’ horse. For the past three or four weeks I’ve only been exercising once a week and I need to get back at it. I miss it. I miss that time of pushing myself, and my biggest fear is having to start over, regaining my stamina. But if I have to I must 🙂

It’s just been a tough month – emotionally & physically! It just seemed as though anything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. I just became considered about just trying to survive. I gained some weight back, but not as bad as I thought. I am back up to 250, but now I’m on my journey to 240, which I know I can do over the next month.  I’m excited to get back at it and start meeting my goals once again.



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