Quick Tip #1: Feeding Yourself With Intention

What does that mean? Who doesn’t feed themselves, that’s my problem. What I mean by this, is be intentional on the foods you choose to put into your system. Feed yourself to fuel your body, don’t just eat to eat. But eat to keep your system running at it’s top speed.  Eat to live, Don’t Live to Eat!

It’s important not to give every food out there up. Take it slowly when you start your new lifestyle. Pick one or two healthier items each week to either add or subtract from your current diet. You may want to work on adding more water to your diet, for a start.  Or reducing your sweet intake down to only once or twice a week. Or increasing your fruit and veggie intake every day. There are lots of great things you can do (or not do) to get you started on your new lifestyle and healthier diet.


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