From The Heart: The Ultimate Goal

Today I stayed after at my WW meeting to learn about the new WW program. Granted I have been following the WW program for several months, but it was a chance for me to ask questions and just get a refresher from the leader.

After the meeting I ended up sticking around and chatting with the leaders about exercise. She had said that you need to make sure that the exercise you are doing now to loose the weight is what you can maintain AFTER loosing the weight. Which to some degree makes sense. But, what this got me thinking about is is she saying that our ultimate goal is just to loose this weight? Do most people just workout to loose the weight with the thought in the back of their heads that they can quit once they reach their goal weight?

For me it isn’t.  For me it is to lead a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise.  Granted, I don’t want to overdo it and push myself past boundaries and wear myself out to the point where I come to hate exercise. I have been working out for 4 months now and have certainly come a long way. But I started out slowly and just continue to slowly build up my tolerance and stamina with any new exercises.

I have to say that my ultimate goal is not just about loosing this weight, that is just a part of my goal. Overall I want to lead a healthier lifestyle, so my exercise program is HUGE part of that ultimate goal! Therefore, as I continue to grow as an athlete then I will continue to push through and into new boundaries.

What is you ultimate goal? Where do you want to be in not just a year but five or even ten years.


Exercise Check In

I was able to get 30 minutes of cardio in today. I did 10 mins on The Arc and 20 mins on the elliptical. I have not been to the gym in over two weeks so I am feeling not where I was 6 wks ago. Which does disappoint me, but I am getting back into the swing of things and will get back to where I was, I am sure faster than last time.  🙂

I found out that Planet Fitness (where I workout) is now open 24/5 (Opens 7am Monday-Friday at 9pm). Not that I will ever be in the gym in the middle of the night but it was worth noting.

Tomorrow I will be in the gym longer.  I am planning to get 30 mins of cardio & 30 mins of strength training in.  I plan to concentrate on my Core muscles with some arms.


I can tell I have not been working out as much as I had been over the summer, my stamina is not quite the same, and I have to admit that bums me out quite a bit.  But with everything that happened last month I just couldn’t find the time.  Then last week I totally strained nearly every muscle in my back. First I threw my lower back out, and it was bad! I could barely move or get around. I put lots of heat and my hubby gave me a couple massages which really did help. Then 3 days later my neck and upper back muscles started cramping. By Friday I was just in so much pain I could couldn’t bare it.

Today I am feeling much better, not 100% but much better! My back muscles are sore but not spasming, which is good and I was able to go to the gym, yeah! I did 15 mins on The Arc, and 15 mins on the elliptical. Then I did some arm strengthing.  I was there for about 45 mins total. I plan to workout every day during the week, as long as my body allows me too. It will be nice to regain my stamina again. And I look forward to the pounds once again coming off.

Exercise: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The past few days I have been reading and hearing about High Intensity Interval Training. Basically you were working out less time, but with micro-bursts of high intensity during your workout.

So, I started today and let me just say this is NOT for the faint of heart. Though I only spent 20 mins compared to my 30-45 mins of cardio I normally would I am still feeling it (and it’s been 30 mins sinced I cooled down).

I started on the Elliptical, I warmed up at a good pace around 4.0 mph, for 5 mins. Once the 5 mins hit, I then increased the speed to around 11.1 mph for 20 seconds (whoo!). After 20 seconds I took it back down to 4.2-4.5 mph for 3.5 mins (recovery). Then pushed it back up to around 11 mph for another 20 seconds, and back into recovery for 3.5 mins. I did just three reps, and then did a cool down for the 7 or 8 mins.  For a total of 20 mins.

My heart rate was over 170 during the micro-bursts.

According to the articles I have read on line – this type of exercise is suppose to increase fat burning, not only during the exercise but for some time after, as it takes a bit longer to recover.

I am giving this a try and we shall see what happens.


Yesterday was a busy day for me. I took the kids to Rebounderz, then we stopped for some frozen yogurt, and topped the day off with two rounds of bowling.  Our busy day stated at 12:30pm and didn’t end until 7:30pm, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my exercise in, but I made it happen. I was able to get 30 mins of very intense cardio in (I actually burned around 400-500 calories in that half hour). And it felt great!

I did 103-110 strides per hour on The Arc (yes I am beginning to conquer my nemisis) for 7 mins (my time is building). Then I did 25 mins on the elliptical on level 4 at 4.0-4.5 mph; & 5.5 mph for 2 mins (that got my huffing and puffing!

I came home and did some beginner yoga exercise for about 15 mins. And I want to begin incorporating that into my daily morning routine.

This morning I am getting ready to go for a run/walk on the trail (my first time). I’m excited and nervous as I don’t know what to expect! I will update when I return.

Exercise: Working Out With Intention

Working out with intention!

What a great line, well I think so. This is going to be my new catch phrase when I am burning it up at the gym (or anywhere for that matter).

I’m working out with the intention….

  1. to loose weight
  2. to get healthy
  3. to feel better about myself
  4. to burn those calories
  5. to push myself further
  6. to be the example I expect for my kids
  7. to be eye candy for my husband
  8. to achieve my goals
  9. to become stronger
  10. to be the person I want to be

What are you working out with intention for?

Exercise & Personal Update

Yesterday evening I went and worked out and did well.  I spent 6 mins on the Arc around 100 strides per hour;  9 mins on the treadmill at 3.4 @ 4.5% incline;  and 15 mins on the elliptical at 4.0 mph. Then I did strength training for 45 mins.  So, I was happy overall with my workout last evening.

However, this morning I was rudely awakened by a high fever and pain all over – it was a flare up from my auto-immune disease.  The good news is that the worst of the flare up only last an hour and half, PLUS I have not had one in over two months! Which is amazing considering I use to have anywhere from 1-3 flare ups in a week. I am still tired from the episode, plus my vision is always blurry the rest of the day after the flare. So, as I type this the screen is a bit blurry for me, but I can see enough to put words together (well, I think I am 😉 ).

I hate when this happens mostly because I know that is hard on my kids. They have had to be stuck in the house all day, with nothing to do other than play with each other and watch TV. I’m just happy they had three full days of friends and good times. Fortunately (or unfortunately) they have had to deal with this for the past two years of mom not feeling well, so they know the drill. It kills me when I am like this because there is just not much I can do, and they are stuck having to help me out. I have to say they are the most amazing kids and I am so super blessed to be their mom. Now that I am sitting here at the computer, calculating my points for the day and blogging. I can sit and watch them play outside for a bit.