Last evening I didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym. It was a busy day and kids had friends over and I didn’t want to abandon my hubby with five kids. But I did get 30 mins of intense cardio in.

I was reading a past post on how I was finally able to do at least 3.1 mph for 15 mins on the elliptical….WELL….yesterday I did 4.3-4.5 mph on the elliptical for 25 mins! And it felt really good, great actually!

Plus I was able to do over 100 strides per hr on The Arc (my current nemesis) for 6 mins! That is a vast improvement of barely being able to do 65 strides per hour for 5 mins! At 65 strides I had to beyond push myself to finish the 5 mins. Today I had to push but I did not feel as though I would necessarily die. So, I am super proud of that accomplishment. As I have said previously it is about adjusting and getting use to new machines. You are working new muscles, and your body is not use to it. I have a feeling I *might* really come to eventually enjoy working out on The Arc (we shall see).


The Benefits of Strength Training (versus Cardio)

We have been told by everyone we know from friends and family to all the PSAs on TV about how important it is to get at least 30 mins of exercise in at least 3 times, though 5 times a week is most beneficial. However, what many of don’t realize how important the benefits of strength training is for our bodies, and over all well being, and of course for weight loss.

For every pound of lean muscle you build during strength training you will burn an addition 35-50 more calories per day, compared to having less lean muscle.  This means that even while you are sleeping you are burning more calories than you would with just doing cardio alone.

Cardio exercises will burn more calories per minute than you will with strength training. For instance a person weighing 130 pounds will burn around 5-7 calories per minute with strength training, when doing cardio that same person will burn 8-12 calories per minute. Now here’s the difference. Strength training may burn less while performing the exercise, however, because you are building more lean muscle you will actually burn more calories during the day. With cardio the calories you burn only take place during the exercise itself, while strength training will continue to burn calories (and at an increase amount) throughout the entire day.

Because of the increase in the amount of calories burned throughout the day, you are also increasing your metabolic rate, which in the long run helps us with our battle of the bulge.

Another fabulous benefit of strength training is increasing & restoring your bone desity.  It will actually help prevent and fight the disease osteoporosis, and help increase your bone density. So strength training is not just for men, but most certainly beneficial to women of ALL ages!

The suggestion for strength training is to complete at least two to three sessions per week.  You will want to select at least two exercises per muscle group, and complete sets of 10-12 resp for the upper body, and 12-15 reps for the lower-body & ab muscles.

I personally strength train every time I work out, so around 4-5 times a week. I work my abs/core every time and will do either lower body or upper body every other time.

So bust out those weights and start building that lean muscle!


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I did not get to the gym Monday or Tuesday (due to other obligations). However, I went last night and will go back tonight and tomorrow. 

I have to say I am seeing a lot of improvement in my abilities. I smile because when I first started using the elliptical, I hated that machine. I started out for 5 mins at around 2.5 mph. Which about put me into the ground. Seriously I was so out of breath and hurt big time. Last night I worked out on it for 20 mins at 4.0-4.1 mph!!! Whoo-hoo! And I felt really good. I was sweating quite a bit and nearly at a run, my heart rate was around 155, so it was a good workout. But I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out. I am very excited, and now I can say that is my favorite machine to workout on, I never thought I would say that.

Now that I look back I realize it was just adjusting to this new machine. New muscles were being used and I had to get use to it. Now, I have also started on another new machine, and I can say right now that I hate this machine. Hate it! It is kicking my butt! The Arc, ugh!

My thought is that this was similar to how I felt on the elliptical at first. Right now I am working at a very slow pace for 5 mins, and I want to die on this beast. But I have a feeling over the next month if I keep at it, I may come to enjoy it as much (maybe) as I now do the elliptical.

>Getting Active

>Last Wednesday I started my new workout routine. I started with 30 mins on the treadmill and 16 mins on the bike. Friday I did 30 mins of the treadmill and 20 mins on the bike.

Today was my third workout and I walked on an incline at 4.5 at 2.8 mph for 20 mins, then at an incline at 1.5 at 3.4 mph for 10 mins.

After my cardio I proceeded to workout my arms. I did 6 machines on my arms. Each machine I did 3 reps for 13 counts.  I did not overdue it but I can feel that my arms have been worked. And I felt really good after my workout.

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