Quick Tip #1: Feeding Yourself With Intention

What does that mean? Who doesn’t feed themselves, that’s my problem. What I mean by this, is be intentional on the foods you choose to put into your system. Feed yourself to fuel your body, don’t just eat to eat. But eat to keep your system running at it’s top speed.  Eat to live, Don’t Live to Eat!

It’s important not to give every food out there up. Take it slowly when you start your new lifestyle. Pick one or two healthier items each week to either add or subtract from your current diet. You may want to work on adding more water to your diet, for a start.  Or reducing your sweet intake down to only once or twice a week. Or increasing your fruit and veggie intake every day. There are lots of great things you can do (or not do) to get you started on your new lifestyle and healthier diet.


Weighing In

Sunday I weighed in at 250. I’m just really struggling with not losing. I don’t know why. I’m staying within my points, I’m working out regularly, and just not losing. I’ve noticed in the past that when I workout I struggle with weight loss, as well.

I actually joined the Biggest Loser Club the other day, and I think I am going to switch from WW to BLC.  When I compare how Points to Calories, I am taking in well over 1800 calories a day. No wonder I am struggling to lose.  I would like to be closer to 1400 calories/day. I am going to stick to 1400 calories this week and see how I do in terms of weight loss, and eat every 2-3 hours.

We will see. If I can start losing again, then I will stick with BLC, if not then I may return to WW.

A Day In The Life of Holly: Fast Food Kind of Day

Today was a good and busy, busy day. And actually the day is not over. We spent the day with a friend of mine and her four kids at the pool, and the kids played all day, and then we stopped at Micky D’s on the way back. PLUS – on our way to her place I was starving and the kids were too and we stopped and had lunch at Burger King. I wish I could say that we could just avoid places like that, and I’m sure we could if I put more of an effort, but life happens.

BUT I am happy to say that I stayed well within my points range day and actually still have one point left over for the day. This is why I really love WW, because you don’t have be limited to certain kinds of foods. Sometimes fast food can’t be completely avoided, but it’s about making the right choices, healthier choices.

My kids have another set of friends’ coming over tonight for the night and all day tomorrow as my friend has jury duty tomorrow. I am going to still go and workout tonight (even if my husband won’t be overly appreciative of me leaving him with 5 kids by himself 😉 ).  Oh well, such if life.  That just shows you how supportive of me he is being with my lifestyle change, which has a positive effect on all of us.


Weighing In & Improved Stamina


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I weighed in on Monday (July 5) with a weight of 254! I am VERY happy with my progress thus far. I am continuing to workout every other day, and I MAKE myself go, no matter how I am feeling. I don’t want to slip back into old habits. I want to continue to pursue this healthier me!

I have started adding some jogging during my time on the treadmill. And I have certainly increased my time and stamina on the elliptical. When I first started on the elliptical I could barely do 5 mins at 2.5 mph. I really had to push myself through to get that time in. Today I easily did 15 mins at 3.1-3.4 mph. When I say easily I don’t mean it was a piece of cake but I did not feel like I was going to die and am now comfortable using this great machine. 🙂

Basically my workouts look like this:

  • 15 mins on Elliptical
  • 45-90 mins of strength training
  • 30 mins on Treadmill
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Surrounding Myself

Weight Watchers - Strawberry Smoothie Bar

I went to the store today and loaded up on healthy foods, quick meals, and WW friendly desserts. I am a dessert girl. And I have to admit that prior to starting this lifestyle change, I could live on sugar foods. I am a sugar addicted. Not so much a food addicted. I enjoy food, but that is not my issue, my issue is desserts and sugary foods. And I know this. And I am sure most experts in the nutrition field would tell me I need to quit cold turkey and not have any more, and perhaps they have a great point, but I just can’t bring myself to do this. So, instead I have limited to myself to once a day a dessert item, and I have been sticking with that 99% of the time. Though every once in awhile I might have an extra dessert. But now I have items in my freezer that will satisfy my sweet tooth but not throw me off track completely. 

I am staying the course, I am convinced to stay on this new lifestyle, and for this to become an everyday lifestyle for me.  

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Weighing In & Giddy…

I am just so super proud of myself and feeling so good. I am beginning to really fall in love with this new lifestyle. I am feeling so much better and looking forward to being able to exercise. I am just feeling really good about myself and life and as though I can do anything.

I weighed in this morning and I officially down 9 lbs – I weighed in at 257 lbs! I am getting ready to start a goals page on this site, where I hope to be over this weight loss journey, and what I hope to accomplish and gain (not just lose).

Checking In

Today was an ok day. I was having horrible cravings today and I was able to curb them by having small amounts of what I was craving. Normally I would eat in access of what I was craving, but today I stayed within my point range and was able to still enjoy some sweets without going crazy.

I had a good workout. 12 mins on the elliptical, strength training, and then 35 mins on the treadmill.

I am tired but feeling well.