Non-Scale Victory (NSV)

What’s a Non-Scale Victory? Pretty much anything that is as rewarding to you as losing those pounds on the scale.

For me this week it was fitting into a pair of pants that I ordered online and were on the small size, that I couldn’t even button them when I got them. Yesterday, I was getting ready for church and decided to see if they would fit now and sure enough! I slipped them on, buttoned, and zipped them. They were slightly on the tighter side, but not bad! I was very happy about this. In another 10lbs they will fit perfectly, and in another 20 lbs I believe they will be on the big side! And soon they will once again not fit, but that’s because they will be TOO big!

For me fitting into smaller clothes sizes is JUST as rewarding (if not more so) as the pounds dropping on the scale!