From The Heart: The Final Straw

From The Heart

Well – I attended my first WW meeting since starting my lifestyle change. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had not gained as much back as I thought I might have. I weighed in at 251.6, next week, I plan to be below 250 (again). I have to say that I enjoyed today’s discussion. Our leader gave us little straws and asked what those represented. People had all sorts of silly guesses – “The amount of food you can consume in one day through the straw” to “Are we having Margaritas?” (I was holding out on the Margaritas guess – lol).

However, someone smart enough said “It’s the Last Straw!” Ding-ding-ding!

We talked about what our last straw was that finally brought us in to join and to make this lifestyle change. I shared with the group that my last straw was when I found out that I had an auto-immune disease and I didn’t have a choice but to make a lifestyle change. As I have said time and time again, I may not be able to change my diagnoses, but I do have control over some of my health decisions. I have control over my weight, and what I chose to put into my body, to energize it and charge it.  And I have no doubt that by getting healthy and making these changes I can better manage my diagnosis. I can have the upper hand. I want to have as much control over my own health, then to allow my health to have control over me. That was and is my final straw. That was “The Straw that….”

That picture of the camel is pretty funny. I am sure that all that straw weighs more than he/she does. I am sure of it. But there it is just trodding along and going the way of his master, and yet it’s back isn’t even broken. It’s amazing how much we will allow to be piled on to us. From a negative self image, to negative thoughts, to resigning to the fact that we (me) will just be fat “This is who I am!” And we carry on like that, we ignore the amount of weight that we have put on and that we are carrying around, and we somehow manage to convince ourselves that we don’t have any other option. The journey, the destination just seems insurmountable.

I know I am still on this journey and I have a ways to go, but I also know that I don’t believe those lies anymore. And I refuse to carry those around with me. I wish it did not take me having an auto-immune disease to be my final straw, because I know the load I was carrying was perhaps bigger than even what that camel is carrying in that picture. I am thankful, though, that my final straw was not me laying on deaths door, or death itself. I am thankful that I have woken up before it was too late. And that I do have the power within me to become a better and healthier me.

What was/is your final straw? Or have you come across that final straw? What will it take for you to know that you are worth it. That you are capable of becoming a better you, that you are Victorious?

Reinventing Me (You) – For a Mill!

I know, I know! My last few posts have all revolved around me getting back on track. And yet I just have not found the ultimate will power to do so, until now. However, I found some inspiration yesterday in my inbox: 1 Million bucks!!

I had an email from Weight Watchers explaining how they are teaming up with Dr. Oz to give away $1,000,000 dollars to one lucky winner.  It’s called “Transformation Nation”, and every and anyone can enter this amazing opportunity to not only have the chance to win 1 Million big ones, but to become a healthier & better you.

If you are interested in learning more you can GO HERE and check all the amazing details out and have a chance to enter.

Yes, I am entering! This is a perfect opprotunity for me, and the perfect motivation to keep my butt moving and grooving and to fufilling my dream of Reinventing myself, rediscovering myself.

I have been in such a funk for the past month. A bad funk! And I just have not found the willpower or strength to come out of it, to get refocused. The desire was there, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do much of anything.  I am doing this! Our family could use a health makeover (me more so), and most certainly a million dollars. It’s a chance to change my life and to inspire others to do the same, and that’s just what I want to do.

Join me! Whether you sign up with WW & Dr. Oz’s amazing chance, or just go through the process of Reinventing Yourself. Let’s do this together, let’s change ourselves, let’s change the world!